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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Play and Win: Sqwishland Pinoy Contest Entry

Sqwishland Toys: Danna's Newest Apple of the Eye

As I am browsing on facebook on whats the latest contest, I saw that Pinay Ads is giving away 6-pack Sqwishland capsule toy to two lucky winners! I was surprised coz I have a niece who is 3 yrs old turning 4 on Niovember 14 and she is an avid fan of Sqwishland toy. And with this, I join this awesome giveaway!

Her name is Danna Mikaela. Even when she's cranky or whiny I praise God because I know I don't deserve such an amazing and special blessing like her. Her curiosity led her to ask many questions even though she's only 3 years old and I love it. Take a look on the picture below, it was taken a years ago when she saw something different on her environment.

This was nice attempt to capture Danna's curiosity.

I love taking pictures. The way she like Mommy taking pictures or videos of her; not because shelike being photographed, but because she love looking at the pictures or watching the videos of herself afterwards.She always make a funny face while taking pictures. See how wackiest she is. It was taken last March.

The expressions on her face are adorable!

She is an active child and always on the run. The way she entertain herself: whether it's playing with a towel, carrying my shoes around, or talking to her stuffed animals, she always chattering madly or singing to herself and even bending her body even though she can't, at least she tried to do so.

Taken last month, trying to lean in with her mouth open wide when Mommy or Daddy asks for kisses.

And now with Sqwishland Virtual Pets I want to see again the way she love emptying out her toy box. Not to play with every toy, but just to see what's at the bottom of the box and to see if you can indeed pull everything out at once. Just like others, she loves me to sit with her and do activities in her new puzzle book if she gets bored and needs some stimulation but otherwise she loves the normal things and having a toy like Sqwishland toy is such a great token for her for being a nice girl.

A Sqwishland toy my sister bought when we dropped by on Toy Kingdom.

I think maybe the number one goal as parents should be to put those kinds of smiles on their kids' faces as often as possible until the day they leave them. If they do this, I am sure they can happily say that they did their jobs well.

My contest entry for Pinay Ads: Sqwishland Pinoy Contest. For contest details click the link below:

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